Hey its April! We’ve all survived the first month of the apocalypse! Yay, all of you get to be survivors lvl2 now. Not yet ready for face costco but one step closer to facing the incoming zombies hordes later this year.

How are we doing? Okay. We’re expert introverts. So not much has changed but i for one am focusing more on arts lately. Fewers errands, less videogames, more times at my station. The next chapter writing is past the draft phase now and i’m at assigning the cameos in their slots. Unfortunately i am a week late on the writing schedule i’ve assigned myself. Drawing is something thats comfortable , writing is, well, nail biting. Especially with this big incoming chapter. Writing the very end of DT after so so many years does leave an emotional impact which i hope some of you will feel as well when its finally time.

Now for the art. Starlitdragon has return to her pen! The one good news from all that covid madness. She begun with a Diva tribute:

And Darkvolt made the first official helian fanart ever. So much fluff there.

He reminded me of those artworks from years ago that he drew during the characters design jam where i designed some of the very first characters of Hel. Which made me curious. When did i start thinking of this as a possible project? Looking back i found out a map from 2008 with hel’s placement on it. The answer is thus ; a freaking long time.

Mid march art challenge was to do share our sketches with another artist who’d ink it then a third artist would color it. This is still in progress. The next challenge was to animal crossingify our characters:

Then we had a 4 artists jam for designing monsters , all the proceeding were off stream. I made Cordycep as a monster girl:

The gaming art week days streams are still going. With Kite drawing Ori and the will of the wisp pieces while i play

Meanwhile Kite did  a lot of animal crossing streams which i felt like mixing with doom of course:

And one Florance

for commissions. Kite finished this artwork of Syphile for Lordpanther.

I did the next syphile daydream story for Lordpanther which is now online on daydream.

I did 3 more concept arts. One for Karrin


Miburo and Kevin

Now for the misc stuff. a quick pic for another RP player in our sessions

Putting down an idea for Hel down on “paper”

Some giveaways. For sarai

And hfar

Me coloring Kite’s lines for once, because we wanted to see how it would look. She drew FF14 Chiri.

While i did FF14 Shan. Which she has not finished coloringé

Finally, for the animations. It has been more than a year since i’ve tried to do some after effects. Rusty? So very much so. I,ve got to start small all over again to relearn how to do things.

D&D Naal with DT Naal. Then FF14 Chiri and the the helian girl  were the topic of the animations. For Chiri i tried frame by frame with simple modifications while the other two were pure affect tricks.

The animations can be seen by clicking on the GIFs below. Beware, they’re 10 megs each.



By now everyone is very aware of the world’s situation. Virus and the consequence it has on the world. Sure feels like the apocalypse out there , more than the TP madness, its pretty much everything thats affected. Including us. We haven’t caught it but it did disrupt the routine. It certainly affected all daydream artists, two of them who are on forced quarantine due to having been in contact with a place that had the virus. As for me, well, i did, maybe, forget to upload a page update in all that ongoing madness… A poor excuse but if you were wondering where was page 108 last weekend, there it is! Page 109 which is done will go up on friday. Page 110 the final page of the chapter is likely on sunday or monday. Coming after that will be a series of chibi pages before the next chapter begins.
As for the weekdays streams , we did skip the monday one but for the rest of the days it is back to normal. Friday will feature the game “Florance” that Kite will play and i will draw.

Below are the artworks done on the those gaming streams. For..

Untitled goose.

Slime rancher


Stories path of destinies, holy shit Kite was productive on that one:

And the very first stream: world of horror.


Commission wise, not much was done i’m afraid.
One concept art for Tsukiko, using the new model for chapter 57
Daydream story frame for Lordpanther

Ariel sleepy on a throne for lordpanther

Logo for Folclor

silly little doodle for the discordHelian discord of a harpy.


A style practice of D&D Naal. More paintery than my usual yet it is inked.



“Art” challenge was of doing a map. Its huh a lot harder than it look within a short time.

So much so Kite didn’t do hers.

Then there was one where we had to turn an avatar maker random result into an artwork.

And the birthdays. For Silvertea and Nak

Finally a monster hunter emote, of Dodogama


Cameo for the final chapter of moonless age.
A civil war torn Chel ravaged by disease and famine is the host for another power struggle. The rebels from the colony were not purged and now many among the sarghress under Ariel’s banner and the remnant of the imperial guard under Chrys have joined together to lead them against the elder of the dragon sisters; Snadhya’rune. The figurehead empress is held in the tower by her in an attempt to cement her power base in Chel after the loss of her home bastion . She has nowhere to run , literally, and with her back to the wall after a century of plots she’ll be more dangerous than ever.
Can the newly formed allies defeat her and restore the alliance before its too late? Can the sarghress clan be saved from shattering? Can those many desperate people even agree on anything were they to win or will it start a new cycle of power struggle? Will Kuso get steak?
You’ll have to read to find out. Maybe even join the madness with a character of your own;

The offer is open until monday 2pm east. You can join us on the livestream from 2Pm to 6PM east on saturday to ask any questions. After the stream is over you can contact us on discord or email kern@drowtales.com .

— First , reserve your slot:
Cameo 160$
Closed, thank you for your support!

Cameo with concept **240**. This is a 10$ discount on the concept art price. Note, price increased in 2019 to 90$.
Closed, thank you for your support!

–Second, choose a role:
-Nids : Defenders of Snadhya’rune’s would be empire. These people can be tainted , demons, techniciasn under Wi’am Jaaldarya, power hungry loyalists or simply people who wish for the eternal cycle of war to just end. Snadhya’rune is the true heir to the throne and some would rather have her rule with Zala so peace can finally come to Chel.
-Allies: All the clans of Chel united under one rebel ideology that Snadhya needs to die; today. Its kill or starve. Sarghress’ red, sharen’s teal, or Beld’s black, it matters no more.
-Commoners: People who witness this struggles and are stuck in between. Be in the streets or working in the dome. There is no fighting for you, only survival.

-Chosen role:
-Character name:
Fill the later if its a new character
-Character former clan if any:
-Martial ability (weapon of choice):
-Mana ability (Affinity of choice. Summoning, sealing and golems engineering if chosen will take priority over basic affinity):
-Race :
-Eye color :
-hair color:
-Favorite expression:
-Favorite things to say:
-Favorite activity:
-Quirks , characters flaws and odd behaviors (very important):
-Equipements , armor and clothes references if any, simple description with chosen colors if not:
-Paired with , if any:
-Inspiration pictures, if any , that remind you of the character:
-The character’s owner name that you wish to see display in the public database:

Third, submit it to kern@drowtales.com with as title “Chapter 57 cameo”

–Cameo list thus far on google sheet


The current list of cameo: Chapter 55-56
What happens after this chapter?
-a new story begins. Moonless age have been going from 2001, its archive is massive and it is a massive undertaking for anyone to become a new reader. It is time to wrap things up. A new story, a new world, a new cast. Announcement to come on 17th april.
Will you kill my cameo?
-Maybe? Maybe not. I try not to leave the fate of the character to the owner when possible.
Will everyone get an epilogue?
-Not the cameos.
Can i have multiple cameos?
Is there a limit?
-Only to my sanity.
Can i submit an existing old character?
Can i have a non drow?
-At this point, only if you get pre approval. Jaals are there, that involves weird creatures. And anywhere Kiel goes theres demons.
How long until my cameo show up?
-From march to december. Depends on where your character can fit.
Is my money safe?
-Everything is done through paypal which is as safe it can be.. We do not have access to your financial informations and this site has been going for 19 years. Poke us on discord if you want to ensure we’re not robots thieves. Beep boop.


To answer the questions from the comments. Yes its the final cameo, final chapter but its not the final comic. We’re just starting something new and we’ll make a proper announcement on the 17th april 19th anniversary.

Will the web site go down? no. But it will become a static web site. An archive so to speak. If daydream is still active it will be moved to the new site. Forum have been closed for a year already and RH is closing this weekend. This news feed though… complicated. It was already due to be closed and thats why i had not updated it! Turn up Martin went on the back end and somehow fixed it so it’ll stick around till the comic is complete.

Check out the web site this weekend to get your character in the final chapter of the comic. It’ll be in the news feed here  and on discord https://discord.gg/p45TSSA 


An epic fanart from Maca of many of the cast. Thank you Maca, it had been a while since i’ve seen fanwork with such work put in!

we’ve also restarted weekdays twitch stream after months of haitus. Mixing game and art at the same time. It’ll be monday , wednesday and friday. Starting with World of horror:

And Slime rancher:

Ariel on the throne sleepy for Lordpanther.

And kite had a personal art of her orc boi for D&D.

Lordpanther sponsored a new daydream story remake, This time of Tranquil’s classic demon love. The votes are open.

I‘ve done several style study aka found a picture i’ve found inspiring and tried to do my take on it. And character study aka i try to make a character out of a concept.

Style study of Naal in oneof DV’s armor design.

Character study of an helian with a big tail and small arms.

Style study of a helian old design.

Failed character study. I wanted to try a muscular 4 armed character but meh.

Character study. Tree lady serving as a door.

Character study of a mushroom turned character.

Character study. Slug lady making plushies.

Character study. Small dude, big weapon.

And a whole bunch of emotes for discord and Twitch.

NSFW commission for lordpanther that was put up on daydream

A silly edit where i added my oni on Darkvolt’s oni artwork.

Fluffy fantasy mount. Wooloo.

Giveaway for xaine.

And Sygdom:

For Vlashrod i think?

Commission for Beanie of his elf in space age.

Kite gift art to a friend of a doggo.


And there was a final NSFW commission. But haven’t posted it on daydream either. It’ll stay with the commissioner.


state of the server

February 14, 2020 by

At the beginning of the month i was informed of a hacking of our server and that our database was on a chinese server. Turn up that leak was from 2 years ago, with the passwords being out of date and 98% of them being encrypted. Safe? not entirely, a few were not encrypted, mainly […]

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Cat Snadhya

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We live! Although health and sleep schedule have not been great for a while now. Still we will have our regular saturday stream later today at 2pm east! The challenge will be turning an a creature into a character. Kite’s work on lordpanther commission below. its unusual for her to offer multiple possibilities. Snad cat: […]

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A brand new years and hundreds of artworks to do! I feel bad i never finished the big 2019 games of the year artwork. A whole year went by and the task of drawing dozens of games mashed up in one artwork was too daunting.  If i have an art resolution for this year it […]

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Holidays giveaways

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First , glad you guys enjoyed the current storyline resolution. And happy early holidays to everyone. We’ll be leaving on monday with one last page before the holidays break. We’ll be back to work on the following monday the 30th december. Thanks to lordpanther for sponsoring the annual giveaway stream. It made for a busy […]

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The yearly event where everyone get a free request from 4 artists live is incoming, thanks to Lordpanther’s yearly patronage. The event will take place on twitch this incoming friday at 2pm east time zone on https://www.twitch.tv/gaming_artist . There will be a multistream link to feature me, Kite, Mau and Darkvolt all together , however as […]

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fat cat can fly

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3 personal piece from Kite, including one that she started at the beginning of the year: both ff14 themed. Meanwhile her masterpiece “fashion” themed art challenge. Much fashion: and mine for the challenge. The outfit was chosen by ssapdra: One of the two commission for lordpanther this month was magical girl Chrys:   The progress […]

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