No progress on 3d learning, some progress on the revision of the web site thanks to Vilx, one step forward with game engine as an attempt at html5 mini game was put up on Daydream however there is a glitch that prevents the cursor from being replaced

Html5 is possible, however it’ll need the web site to be prepared for it. I have another experiment planned for daydream this month, likely to go in combo with the animation challenge; The daily animation continues with no missed days yet. I’m glad to report there is an improvement over 2020’s animation month. Now wether i can wrap up the 2019 big music video by the end of the month… This may require the entire final week of this challenge.

I know , clunky music video but this one is special to me as it was a project pending for 11 months! Finally wrapping it up and updating a youtube channel that had been abandonned for many years.
The big collab one between us
For our 16th couple’s anniversary, a card of sort!

Overall the output is less than i had hoped but i kept steady against a difficult challenge. And these studies are paying off to improve the quality of my commissions output. Big things to tackle soon : Finish the second daydream game, finish the second music video and give Vilx more assets for the web new web design. We will be taking a break on december 3 so all these need to be finished by then.


The epilogues are well under way at a rate of 2 pages a week so looking at the list of requests i’ve received, Hel will likely start in february instead of january due to how many needs to be done. More time is fine, as i need to push the art style and practice other forms of medias that will be required for the project.
While i finally gave up on trying the 3 days a week schedule, its worth noting the sizes of the pages at the moment:

Heltober was unfortunately dropped mid way so there will be less hel themed artworks to share this time. Meanwhile we’ve reached november which last year i’ve done 1 animation a day for. Well, if i have to practice animations now feels like the right time. plus wrapping up the two unfinished big animation from last year would be a nice to do before the next project.

┬ĘProgress update on the cat in the rain animation, one of the two big animation–
Ambitious for a 1 hour animation this one. A whole story pushed real fast. The theme was “monster”
in contrast this too was a 1 hour animation. The theme was “Boo”
Moth-er , the moth shooter shown last time had some progress, however no amount of hours would make this an enjoyable project. I had to fight to code a simple AI to deal with tracking bullets. With my schedule, i cannot complete the scope of this game. To be postpone to the day i have either more experience or do it in a codeless engine
Toilet Clogger, a quick game to test if i could code something fast, made for Macabre’s birthday. playable at :
First 3d game and 3d texturing of items , made following a tutorial . Playable at :

Doing these games have a purpose. It is to be able to produce HTML5 interactivities. Things like Path to power made years ago or the anniversary special of a year ago, both would’ve been doable if i had the skill i am pushing for right now. I don’t know where in the next project this skillset will be use, but i’ve no doubt something will come up. At the moment i am making something for daydream as a test of such a possibility.
Technically i was a programmer before being an artist… Many, many years ago. Some of the backend of DT is still cursed by my touch to this day. Lets make the next project better by being ready this time. Speaking of, the prep for the final redesign of DT front page had started. Once the cat rain animation is done i suppose i won’t have any excuse to delay any further.

the next part of the collab comic set in hel
Stunning painting of Eld by Kite. perfect for promos.
An another over painting. Hel related.

I think thats it for the last 2 weeks + 1 day? i may have missed things my friends have done but it is tough to collect it all, as some design work are just shared through discord sharing.


Those bi monthly news updates are massive so lets try to break it down.

DT moonless : Epilogues are here at last! I will cover all the characters and clans that people want to see covered. If you wish to make a request you can do so on our discord server in the moonless age thread. Or you can leave a comment here on this news post. I will be collecting the requests tomorrow. I will go through and give each ones at least one page epilogue up to 3 pages epilogue for major cast. Such as Naal’s 3 pages which I’ve already drawn. These will (hopefully) be in chronological order ending with a final epilogue that is many many years in the future. Once this is up, we will put our new site online(hopefully). Hopefully TM. It’ll be a busy winter.

Changes in art that i mentioned back in august. The change by now is very obvious. The pages are bigger than ever, going as far as 15000pixel in their original form. They are up to 3 times longer than the page of the past. The way they flow is different as well and they can be sketchier than they used to bewe. This change will keep going as Hel will feature a different layout than DT had. Till then i am experimenting. Forgoing the inking helped keeping my sanity through this final stretch.

Ssapdra, Tallsharis, i , Kite, Maca, and Darkvolt have been hanging out a lot over the years to talk about our projects. We’ve just made it a bit more official that what we’re creating is to help the others. Any of us can make something to help the others’ world setting. Also happen to be our more long lasting RP group where we can test ideas from our respective settings. Eld, Hel, DT, Planescore, Obscure and Twilight shade. Each with lore wiki we intend to maintain,

Blender. 3D enhancing our artworks is not something we’ve done in the past yet its a growing thing. This is just a first step and we’ve got to push to get better at it.

Now gamedev learning stuff:

After trying Gdeveloper i switched to Godot and followed a tutorial to make this simple game where the fatcat need to dodge the fruits and vegetable. Playable in HTML5 at . I then tried to add muffin to gain points but the logic behind hit collision did not allow this to be simple. I was hinted at that i should try unity, so…
I did! Another evening, another tutorial. Unity being the engine behind most indie game nowadays this was a door to something massive. There are many things that are great with Unity and its store alone could be an endless time sink. However i cannot code raw C# for a game. From what i’ve seen and understood so far Unity is more about building a toolbox of assets that are then used to make games. It is a viable path… cost money, but still viable. Though…
…Godot’s coding is something i can understand. I remember enough from the early 2000’s coding years to make sense of this at least. It is very simplified coding that does not share the limitation of Gdeveloper. With this i can do what i’m hoping to do, at no cost. Simple games, simple interactivity features for the next site using html 5. The above is a no tutorial first step into making a game with Darkvolt. Its just a moth that is shooting in a many layers of parallax scrolling. More about this one in the next news update.
Then there is Tallsharis hel’s game using Gedeveloper. Already much grander in scope as there is multiple level and a multi phase boss fight at the end. You can play the game Imp at
And this is where we get to the animation, starting with some silly stuff using Kite’s character as a possible boss. Then there are the weekly animation challenges:

Whew, that was a lot. Okay time for art. Studies, Heltober and Commissions:

And thats not all of them. Darkvolt has shared with us some of his Eld ideas that spawn so many characters it would need a wiki just to keep track of those alone. So, thank you everyone for your interest in our shared worlds! That was one massive news update, lets keep the creative juice flowing!


There is actual news to go with the bi monthly art! Le gasp. First, DT final chapter final page was made. Its not up yet of course but it will soon. What does that mean actually? Doesn’t mean DT suddenly end. Just like there were a prologue before chapter 1 there is an epilogue coming which i begin drawing today. How long will it be? I do not know i’ve yet to sit down to do writing for it nor do i even have the time to actually do said writing with all that this being worked on at the time. The era of having a full week to just write before a chapter is a time of the long past. So instead what will happen is that i will be producing 1 to 3 pages per relevent character to show what happened to them years after the events of the moonless age, which by the time of the epilogue that age will be over. I will be evaluating the amount of time i need to finish producing the new DT site and try to do the amount of epilogues to match it. Then the final epilogue scene will be made. Only once the new site is ready will that final epilogue go up, if all goes well.

I’m hoping for december … hoping. Itd be nice to wrap up the year with the final epilogue.
As for Hel’s start thats a big question as i do want that 7 days pre production to get the first story just right. Story , not chapter, as i want something different for this project than a grand 20 years multi chapter epic. In contrast there is already a hundred time more pre production work put into Hel than was made for DT’s at the start. Given the time we had to work on concepting and the experience gained through the years. Hope the readers who stuck around till DT’s end will enjoy whats coming. You can get sort of a preview below in the comic exchange i’ve started with Kite. The page feel and layout will be drasticly different .

Other news is that our little circle of friends have been busy bees since Maca started heltober and we’ve had our first Eld themed roleplay session. You will find the massive art dump at the bottom of this thread. I do not advise to load this on your cellphone. Kite who had been rather hands off on DT concept work have been very engaged in the production of characters for the next comic , greatly increasing the output of late.

Last before the art dump is another personal study ; game making. Perhaps it’ll be short lived but ever since our gamejam of june i’ve been looking forward to find a team to make new things and learn. In the meantime i’ve done a personal gamejam over the weekend. Producing a silly little janky hel moth shooting bullets at dancing bloodsuckers game. A 2 minute play for a 10 hours of study. Something ridiculously small and barebone, barely getting the label of game but it is , a, first, step. Beside the interest in game dev in general i am hoping that by learning a game engine i can enhance the next project interactivity. Say for exemple, the world map could scroll with your mouse using html5.

The comic exchange, this is my page 1 where i experimented with the layout . She will do page 2, then i will do page 3, and so forth.
Heltober art challenge
A DT fanart! By pitdragon

Pushing through

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Foster cats

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sprite sheets

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Game ranking

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We got our ranking! we didn’t make it to the top 100 for the gamejam out of 5000 but our originality ranking was 54, which is pretty damn good for our first time, plus we did get a review from the organizer. The programmer clipped it in the video below :

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